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Bronze Bell carved with "Ping Bao De" of Wanli of the Ming Dynasty

Ming Wanli.78 cm in height and 62 cm in diameter. Weighing 70.5 kg.

The top of the bell is cast with a double-headed, four-legged Pulao( One of the nine sons of the dragon) button, which bends downward like a tree root. The shoulder is decorated with three convex string patterns, the string pattern is decorated with a line of thunder patterns, and a line of seal  "Ping Bao De Zhong" is inscribed. Another inion in Yangwen(the bulge part of the seal)seal  inion encircles the belly of the bell. Total forty-six lines of six characters each (seven characters in individual lines) ,recorded the repression of the rebellion of Bozhou chieftain Yang Yinglong by force of the Ming Dynasty.

“Pingbo” Bell was cast by Guizhou Governor Guo Zizhang after the Pingbo Campaign in Wanli of the Ming Dynasty. In order to repress Bozhou Yang Yinglong the pacification commissioner 's rebellion, the Ming government mobilized more than 200,000 troops from several surrounding provinces to encircle and wipe out the enemy. The victory greatly strengthened the central government's rule over the southwest region. This battle became one of the three famous battles in the Wanli of the Ming Dynasty, and was also one of the important historical events in the process of  Guizhou's "Transferring chieftain into indeterminate chief".