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Bronze drums of Shizhai Type of Western Han Dynasty

Created in the Western Han Dynasty, unearthed in 1957 at Fuchu ,Hezhang.

The shape of the vessel is like a pedestal pier, hollow inside, and the drum surface is slightly smaller than the trunk. Narrow waist, with two pairs of symmetrical belt-shaped flat ears. Feet curl outward and edge curls inward. The whole body is decorated with nine lights in the center of the drum surface, and the light is decorated with four circles and triangle patterns, totaling eight halos, of whih four halos are the main halo and six herons. First, third, fifth halos are decorated with sawtooth pattern; Second, sixth halos are decorated with punctuated pattern; Seventh and eighth halos are decorated with line pattern. There are four dragon boats carved on the trunk, which are combined into punctuated and sawtooth patterns, all in the shape of racing. There are four cows carved on the waist with a zigzag pattern. Judging by the shape and decoration content, it is a Shizai type bronze drums which is widely popular in Yunnan. The total height is 24.5cm, the surface diameter is 45.5cm, the waist diameter is 40.3cm, the foot diameter is 48.8cm, and the weight is 10.8kg .. Bronze drum is a heavy percussion forged and used by ancient ethnic minorities in South China. It was used to attack horns in wartime, "beating drums and attacking them". It was used to exorcise ghosts and worship gods .It is a kind of religious sacrifices.