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Iron Sword with cupreous Handle from the Western Han Dynasty

Iron sword with cupreous handle: 1 piece. The Western Han Dynasty. In 1978, unearthed in Kele twon,Hezhang county,the Han Dynasty tomb. The body of the sword is iron, long and narrow with ridges, rhombic in cross section, with two edges and a blade. The sword stem is made of cupreous, and the curved plate is decorated with the stem head, and is decorated with hollowed-out cirrus cloud pattern, vortex pattern, arc pattern, etc. The middle part of the stem is provided with a hole, decorated with two protruding ribs, and all around is covered with rope lines. Both ends of the protruding edge are decorated with Yun Leiwen and continuous triangular patterns. It has local characteristics and is obviously different from Yunnan, Bashu and Central Plains swords unearthed in the surrounding areas. For Yelang Culture study, it is of great significance. The total length is 58.5 cm and the stem length is 11.5 cm.