Audio Guide

The museum provides audio guide facilities which is available in 6 languages:Chinese,English,Korean,Japanese,French and Germany.

Price:The audio guide facilities is free now. Please mortgage with your valid certificates (identification card, passport and driver's license), one certificate for one card.

Content:Multicultural Guizhou ,The Kingdom of fossils,Historic Guizhou.

Location:A special rental site is configured in the service center of the hall ,anyone who wants to rent the facility ,should go to the rental site and consummate procedures.

Notice:Please take care of the audio guide facilities.If the facilities are lost or damages due to human factors,compensation shall be paid according to the price.If them aren’t damaged by any human-made factor ,please change  them at the rental site.After using ,please go to the  rental site of Service Center , consummate return procedures  and get back your certificate.