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Copper hook with salamander fish-shaped of the western han dynasty

Unearthed in the West Han Dynasty tomb of Zhongshui,Weining in 1978. 10 cm long and 3.5 cm wide. Its shape is like a swimming salamander fish, hence named " salamander fish-shaped copper hook". The sides of the body are symmetrically inclined with four fins, and both sides have fine engraved lines on both sides. The buttons are  set behind the chest. The five auspicious inion "Earned 80 million copper coin interest per day" inscribed on the back of the official , indicates a wish for brighter life and the identity of the owner. The salamander fish, commonly known as the "Wawayu " among people, is found occasionally in the mountain streams of Guizhou. The hook skillfully copied its appearance has not been discovered anywhere so far and can be regarded as the only precious .