• step one

    Scan the QR code below Follow the WeChat public account of the Guizhou Provincial Museum

  • Step two

    Click on the official account menu "Ticket Reservation" Go to the museum homepage and click "Make an appointment on the code

  • Step three

    Select time period, add tourists, improve tourist information, submit appointments

  • Step Four

    Congratulations, the appointment is successful! Please bring your ID card and swipe it into the museum

Our library is closed every Monday, so it is not possible to make reservations for Monday's visit tickets. The reservation must be made in real-name, and the name, ID number,mobile phone number and other information of the person who made the reservation must be registered.

Appointment time: Monday to Sunday 9:00-17:00

Consulting Tel: 0851-84811809 / 84811830

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